Wooden House – Roof Designs

Today, the roof of a modernized home is not only for coverage. In addition, there is not only to protect the construction of the building from snow, rain,  and sunlight. The roof is the appreciation of the house in the architectural spirit, through it the overall appearance of the house is formed. 

Furthermore – depending on the type of roof-mounted on the construction of the house, the overall comfort of life depends. Another important moment on the choice of the type of roof is that the roof should be not only attractive but also safe. When you build your house with ‘wood architecture and design’ (also know as ‘wood arkitektur og design’ in Norway language ) and the construction of the house in the design plan is almost ready, there is still a missing part? 

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Of course, the roof, as is considered as one of the most important elements of a house. And then at the stage of building construction, the question is, what form the roof should be chosen? There are many types of shelters for private houses in different shapes and materials.

So, in general, all roofs are divided into two categories- pitched and flat roof. And they both have a number of advantages and disadvantages. The reliability of a good flat roof is quite low. It is clear that the house design flat roof loses much against the benefits of the sloping roof. Therefore when you think about planning your own wooden house, there is a sense in flat roof building only when it is intended to fix in some type of additional storage garden, pools,  and front terrace.