Why You Should Explore Direct Mailing For Your Custom Envelopes?

Custom envelopes are often an effective method of branding themselves among the general population. When you choose the  envelopes for your business, you should pay attention to design elements, logos and custom color schemes to reinforce a positive image of your company. You can click here if you are looking for printing and mailing services. 

But what will you do after they are hot-off-the-press, unassumingly stacked on your desk? Some online printers offer direct mailing services so you never even have to stare at the envelope. Here's how they'll make your life a million times easier.

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Buying and Manage Mailing List

Custom envelopes can be delivered to your customers with just a quick phone call in most direct mail companies. Often, large companies accumulate mail lists for their envelope to reach.

Full Customization

Custom envelopes and their contents can often be coated with UV coating or high-gloss aqueous. This is to prevent undue damage to your envelopes as they travel through the mail system. Look for laminate if you require the highest form of protection and shine because it can withstand just about anything.


By choosing to mail your envelopes at a printing company, be aware of the different types of lead-generation road. You can choose to reply mailer business where the recipient is given the return postage-paid envelope to respond to your call to action.