Why You Should Be Using Modular Handrails For Your Stairs

Modular handrails are designed to be used for stairs and other more intricate architectural designs. They're made of plastic or metal and can be installed in minutes without the need for any special tools. A modular handrail is also able to hold up to hundreds of pounds, providing a safe way for people to navigate each step. 

Modular handrails systems are a perfect solution for stairs because they can easily be attached and removed. They also offer a number of benefits including being more durable, easier to install, and requiring less maintenance. They also allow for a uniform look throughout the home, which makes them an attractive addition to the exterior of your home. The modular handrails can be integrated into both traditional and contemporary designs.

Modular Handrail System

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Modular systems are now being used primarily in high-rise buildings. They are not that much more expensive than traditional handrails, and they allow for easier changes and replacement in the future. Modular systems typically use tubes made of steel or aluminum, which can be easily attached to the stairs and other surfaces. The top two supports on a modular system will connect with a single junction box while the third support will connect to a drop tube that is secured to the staircase.

Modular handrails are a great way to make your stairs safer. They're typically made out of metal and have a small guardrail or bar that separates the edge of the steps from the wall. These types of handrails help prevent people from slipping off and falling downstairs, as well as reducing climbing accidents. The modular handrails come in various styles which can be easily installed on any stairway, including flat-top, round-top, and rounded-corners versions.