Why do You Need an Identity Theft Attorney?

Most people think it won't happen to them. When he does, they are shocked. They feel violated and, worse, are often on the road to financial ruin before they know a crime has been committed against them. You guessed it. We are talking about identity theft, and if this has happened to you, you may need an identity theft attorney.

As much as we hear about identity theft today, few people know what steps to take when they first realize their identities have been stolen. Most people mistakenly think they can handle things on their own and don't seek 'outside help'. This is the worst mistake you can make, and your chances of recovering from identity theft are slim.

Even if you start taking all of these steps, you will most likely need an identity theft attorney. This is what will happen without one. You get your credit report and discover that someone is using your good name and good credit to obtain expensive items. If you're lucky, they haven't used your credit card, but chances are good that even if they haven't used your existing credit cards, they have taken out other credit cards, as well as lines of credit, in your name.

You see this and you contact these companies, and even banks, to let them know that the person who opened the line of credit in your name is not you. You expect the company to take immediate action to remove this from your credit report, but that's not going to happen. In fact, you will most likely be treated like a criminal.

They will essentially tell you that you are responsible for thousands of dollars and if you don't pay; they will take legal action against you. You see, most companies are not prepared to deal with the effects of identity theft. They just want the money that is owed to them, whether or not you are the one who owes that money. His records say you owe it.

This is why you need an identity theft attorney early on. The identity theft attorney will work with you to communicate with creditors and credit bureaus. The attorney will then work with you to obtain the documentation required by the companies and credit bureaus so that the negative report can be removed from the company's files as well as your credit file.

The identity theft attorney will follow up to make sure everything was done correctly and will work to make sure your good name is truly protected, despite what someone else may be doing with your information. If for some reason a company or credit bureau is seriously uninformed, your identity theft attorney will take legal action against them, so that a judge can provide them with the education they need, usually at your expense.