When is Asbestos Considered Dangerous?


For an asbestos material to enter our body, the most common portal of entry is via breathing. Although materials that contain asbestos are often considered harmless, however, when it turns into dust and gets mixed with the atmosphere this is when it becomes toxic and dangerous. Asbestos present on the outer surface of the nose can be removed however, once it enters into the lung, you should never take it lightly. This is because it starts to cause harmful diseases.

The time asbestos is considered dangerous is when asbestos gets crumbled by hands and then gets released into the atmosphere. Moreover, it becomes difficult to even see from our eyes leading to many health issues. These are a few diseases caused by asbestos.

  1. Asbestosis – This is a disease related to respiratory that is non-cancerous. However, one cannot take it lightly. This is because the entry of asbestos causes scars on the lungs which later leads to breathing difficulty, lungs causing crackling sound during inhaling etc. Moreover, there is no treatment for this disease which can become lethal after some time.
  2. Lung Cancer – This is a serious disease caused by asbestos exposure. This form of the disease is considered to the people working in the field of manufacturing, mining, milling, using asbestos products etc. Some of the symptoms of this disease include cough, chest pains, breathing difficulty, anemia etc.

These are the reasons and diseases caused by asbestos material. Asbestos in Newcastle, is considered to be dangerous where it is important to get rid of it asap from a professional.