What’s The Difference Between Indica And Sativa Strains Of Cannabis?

Cannabis is one of the most popular drugs in the world. Current research shows that there are actually three distinct species of cannabis plants: Indica, Sativa, and ruderalis. So what exactly is the difference between indica and Sativa strains?

What are Indica and Sativa strains of cannabis?

Indica and Sativa strains are two different types of cannabis plants. Indica strains are known for their strong sedating effects, while Sativa strains are more energizing. For more details regarding best strains of weed, you can simply browse the web.

Basics of the Indica and Sativa classification schema.

Indica strains of cannabis are usually more relaxing and promote deep sleep, while Sativa strains are more energizing and improve focus. There are other factors that contribute to the differences between indica and Sativa strains, but these two are the most common.

Indica and Sativa strains of cannabis are known for their different effects on the body. Indicas are believed to be more relaxing and help relieve tension and anxiety, while sativas are more energizing and help produce a euphoric high.

According to The Guardian, “There is no single answer to whether one type of marijuana is better than another for treating specific conditions, as the effects of marijuana are highly individualized.” So while one person may find relief from using an indica strain, another may find relief from using a Sativa strain. However, both strains have been shown to have some benefits for certain conditions. In general, it is important to talk with a doctor about what strain of cannabis is best for treating specific conditions before using it.