What Are The Different Types Of Performance Mufflers?

There are three types of mufflers: non-catalytic, catalytic converters, and electronic exhaust systems. Non-catalytic mufflers reduce the roar of the engine by using a physical barrier to stop the noise from escaping. 

Catalytic converters break down pollutants in the exhaust gas and convert them into less harmful compounds before they release into the atmosphere. Electronic exhaust systems use sensors to measure engine performance and adjust the amount of noise released. You can also get more information about performance mufflers from online sources.

Here are the most common types:

Cat-back: This type is the most popular because it offers the best overall performance. It replaces the entire exhaust system, from the headers to the muffler. This means better fuel economy, louder and more powerful sounds, and less dyno tuning required. It’s also easier to install than other types of mufflers.

Mid-pipe: Mid-pipes offer slightly less performance than cat-backs, but they’re still a good option if you want to keep your car sound and look good. They replace only the middle section of the exhaust system – between the headers and the muffler – which means they’re less expensive and easier to install than cat-backs. Mid-pipes also has a slightly higher noise level than cat-backs, so be aware of that if you live in a noisy area.

Baffles: Baffles are another type of muffler that offers modest performance gains over stock exhaust systems. They basically reduce noise and improve power delivery by redirecting exhaust gases.