Ways to Decorate With Dried Pampas Grass

Pampas grass – also known by the scientific name Cortaderia selloana – is the latest (and most surprising) trend this year. Who would have thought that we would fall in love with grass together, from all over the place? The beautiful grass swaying in the hue of wheat is reminiscent of ancient gardens and meadows. 

Just one handle matches modern décor perfectly: white minimal walls look more genuine with pampas grass stalks and add fluff and texture. If you are thinking of buying dried pampas grass (also known as ‘getrocknetes pampasgras’ in the French language) then you may browse various online stores over the internet. 

Creating seasonal jam for your dinner will make every part of the year feel special – even if you live on the coast of California, where the season feels like northeastern fiction. Blogger Sand Dollar Lane created this stunning fall spread that's still muted enough to scream Halloween! or harvest. (Not that there's anything wrong with the lovely vintage decor.) Replicate the look with a whitewashed pumpkin, repainted wire, and a strong case. And a game of resistance? Pampas of course. Not only does it increase the height of your banquet table, but it also feels like waving wheat in an autumn field.

The black walls are beautiful – and completely modern. However, accentuating such dramatic nuances requires careful attention to colour and contrast. This plant is an ideal addition if you're trying to create a mystical, gloomy escape. Divine Living Brisbane combines a combination of dark blue vases and lush greenery to set the mood. Combined with black painted thorns, this dramatic effect can steal a room.