Use Regular Coffee Beans for Espresso

One of the common problems of coffee lovers is this: I could use regular coffee beans for espresso? In the quest to find that perfect cup, let's start with the basics and that is to learn what espresso is all about. Latte and cappuccino are several variations of espresso and although they differ on the amount of steamed milk is not used on them will require different types of beans.

Now, with many choices on the market, one can easily get lost into believing that he would need certain to produce espresso beans. Well, this did not happen. What you must understand is that everything may boil down to "marketing". bean coffee sellers will market it under different variations to give the impression of a varied inventory. However, you can check out coffee cart rental for exploring various new trends in coffee services.

It is interesting to note that there are only two types of beans available in the market: Robusta and Arabica. So back to your question: I can use regular coffee beans for espresso? The answer is a big "yes."

 Typically, planted between regions such as South and Central America, and Africa. On the other hand, Robusta is the type that grows in areas with a lower stance and they are characterized by a strong bitter taste. Typically, Robusta grows in Central Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

Now, you must understand that there is no particular type of nut use for your espresso. It is even interesting to note that the espresso is usually made using different mixtures of seeds with different consistency and color. Also, you have all the right to make your own mix as people from different geographical regions tend to rely on a special flavor that is specific to them. For example, California adoring darker coffee blend while Italy like coffee under the middle range.