Understanding Different Eyeglasses Frame Styles

Are you new to the world of prescription glasses? It can be tough out there for beginners; there are so many questions! Aside from the obvious questions about the size, style, and color that best suits your needs, just when it comes to what surrounds the lens, it could be amazing!

What kind of frame will be suitable for me? How can I look through the full-rimmed glasses? Is weight rimless actually lighter than the others? Trendy pair of specs come in three main styles: rimless, semi-rimless and full-rimmed rims.

You see glasses-wearer third sport varieties; but what is best for you?!? Enjoy this guide to better understand the usefulness and need for each of the eyeglass frame styles.

A full-frame is usually known as a more traditional style than fashionable frames available.

When fully framed Rimes on display in a thick, round or wayfarer style plastic cups. Unless the frame or lens is too small, the material at the bottom of the lens does not have to really affect your vision one way or another; so keep that in mind.

Semi-Rimless glasses are usually closed at the top and sometimes the side of the lens. Their style is very popular because they can easily combine fashion and comfort.

Rimless glasses are known as America's favorite style. They are more dominant attached to a metal frame (not plastic), it seemed to add to their not-even-there feel.