Treatment of Bunion Deformity in Baltimore

Tightfitting thin shoes and heels could lead to bunions. Each time the bunion forms, the large toe joint develops in proportion and protrudes outward. Your skin with a bunion will get tender and reddish, also bursitis or arthritis might occur. 

Bunions may also grow from foot accidents, and some times are congenital in nature. There are different causes that lead to the bunion problem. For the bunion or any other foot problem, you can have treatment from a FOOT AND ANKLE CARE CENTRE IN BALTIMORE.


Some of the causes which lead to bunion:

  • High-heels – Wearing heels may over-crowd your feet and certainly will result in bunions.

  • Ill-fitting shoes – People (especially women) who wear shoes that are too tight, too thin, or overly pointed are in danger of bunion formation.

  • Arthritis – suffering from arthritis can alter how you walk and contribute to bunions.

  • Heredity – A inherited structural foot flaw can lead to bunions.

Many bunions are curable with no surgical intervention. When the bunion causes one to have a problem walking, then the orthopedic specialist will urge exceptional sneakers, avoidance of specific shoe types, padding, and taping shoe inserts, or medications.

Whenever your bunion causes one to have a problem walking and chronic pain is present, the specialist might recommend an operation. Bunion operation re-aligns the bone, ligaments, tendons, and nerves therefore that your big toe is in the right position. So get the best treatment of your foot in Baltimore.