Treating Autism Related Symptoms In Sacramento

Autism is a complex neurological disorder characterized by neurobehavioral issues and impairment in social interaction and communication. It is also characterized by the presence of stereotypic patterns of behaviors and lack of interests.

The symptoms are typically seen in children before they reach the age of 3. The severity of impairments varies from individual to individual, and thus it is referred to as a 'spectrum' of syndromes.


Environmental and genetic factors are responsible for the dysfunction of the central nervous system leading to the onset of autism in children in Sacramento. Some of the environmental factors linked to autism are anti-epileptic drugs consumed during pregnancy and exposure to a high level of pollutants.

Mercury and lead released into the environment convert into methyl mercury that accumulates in food sources (fish, shellfish) and also in the body. Methyl mercury, in excess, affects normal brain development in children.

To undo the adverse effects of toxicants in individuals, it is highly recommendable to detoxify and neutralize environmental toxicants.

Metal Toxic

Metals like mercury, lead and arsenic can be toxic to a fetus in the womb. If a pregnant woman is exposed to toxic metals, it can lead to a damaged (mental and physical) growth in the unborn child. Even a small quantity of toxic exposure can cross the placental barrier causing drastic damage to the child's intelligence and behavior skills after birth.