The Right Way to Wear Men’s Dress Socks

Every day, somewhere, there is a man who spoils a decent outfit with the wrong pair of socks. Does he sound like he's exaggerating right now? Well, I'm not! Your socks make a big difference to your appearance. Let me give more details.

If you saw a man dressed in an elegant navy three-button suit with a cream button-down shirt and a brown tie, he would look pretty good, right? Now, what happens when he sits up and the legs of his pants are raised slightly to reveal white sports socks? You can buy a sock subscription box, you may browse around this website.

So what are the basic rules for wearing dress socks? Are:

Only wear white cotton socks for sports and housework. There are no exceptions to this rule. You might be a bit surprised by this because white socks are seen quite often as streetwear. But even jeans should be worn with black, gray or brown socks. If you go to the gym, of course, white socks are fine. But restrict your white socks to these types of activities.

Dress shoes must be worn with dress socks. This means that you should not select socks based solely on color. The thickness and texture are also relevant. Sports socks (even if they are black or another color) tend to be ribbed and thick. Therefore, they will pile up on top of dress shoes.

Dress socks, on the other hand, are made from a thinner, thinner material that will easily slip into your dress shoes and won't pile up on top. Dress socks are a must when choosing an outfit for an enjoyable event, like a wedding, or when deciding what to wear to an interview.