The Psychophysical Effects Of Bad Breath: Why People Think You’re Literally Trying To Kill Them!

The soul singer Joss Stone has been extensively quoted in newspapers and online media as saying that bad breath is her main turn-off in a guy.

That is not surprising. In actuality, it's a perfectly natural way to feel. You can get bad breath treatment in Vaughan by maple dental hygiene care whenever required.

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And she is not alone: A comprehensive survey carried out by the British Dental Association some years ago found that bad breath has been rated the #1 turn-off for everyone, regardless of their age or gender. It was even ranked as being worse than smelly body odor!

Stone, 23, said: "There is nothing more serious than bad breath. I've kissed people with bad breath… and it made me feel ill!" And, in all likelihood, that wasn't a figure of speech — it did make her seem physically ill.

That's due to disgust, which is among the 6 primary human emotions. Usually, we think of emotions as being a purely psychological thing however, according to investigators, disgust is very different: it's often purely physical, involving a succession of involuntary movements that initially evolved as a means to protect us from sources of disease or disease.

Since the nose is so near (and, hence, well connected with) the mind, the sense of smell is the principal driver of disgust.

The chemical compounds are given off by things that may lead to disease or infection frequently have a very distinctive odor, which the human mind recognizes instantly.

When it does this, it switches into survival mode straight away and forces your body to isolate itself from the source of potential infection.