The Black Italian Truffles

If you love salty, then you will love black truffle salt. The black color of this salt gives any dish an exotic flair. A classic Italian dish like pizza can be spiced up by adding this salt to the sauce. This thick, white powdery salt can be used in many different recipes and also sprinkled on pasta dishes, fish, poultry, and even desserts.

Sicilian Sea Salt (Citrus Silver Salt) Black Summer Truffle, Black Truffle Sea Salt (seasonal), the Blue Mountains Black Truffle, Blue Mountain Pure White Truffle, Southwestern Truffle, and Conebroil Gold. This salt offers a wide range of flavors from subtle to intense. It has a rich flavor and when diners bite into it they are surprised by the richness of the flavor. It goes great with tomato sauces and pesto sauces. The flavor is so dense that it can only be described as rich and luxurious.

All-Natural Black Truffles This all-natural black truffle salt is harvested from the high mountains of Tuscany. It's harvested twice a year and treated with aluminum chloride to make it ultra-pure. The salt goes through a stringent process to ensure its purity and freshness. The salt itself has an earthy flavor that goes well with tomato sauces.

Blue Mountain Natural Sea Salt This mountain black truffle sea salt comes straight from the deposits below the Piedmont area. It has a very heavy texture and rich flavor. It goes well with seafood and pasta dishes.

Bonneville Truffle This truffle is harvested in the valleys of the Loire Valley. It goes through a very long harvesting process, involving four steps to make the perfect truffle. The first step involves bonnet or bark from the seeds being washed out. After this, the seeds are hand-picked, while the center is left from the outer skin and then carefully scraped, making sure not to leave any surface exposed.

Black Truffle With its intense nutty flavor and texture, Bonneville truffle salt may just be the best black truffle salt on the market. It's also been called the original "food of Paris" because of its reputation as the world's best baking powder. It's also used in many of the world's finest restaurants. Another way it works is that it absorbs infrared heat better than other salts, which helps preserve the original flavor of the meat. This makes it a great addition to the culinary pantry of chefs who love to cook with sea salts.

Tuscan Sweet And salty It's made with olive oil, butter, and oregano, giving it an Italian black truffle flavor that's both sweet and salty. It makes a great low-calorie snack without weighing you down. Cooking with it is easy too, as long as you're using high-quality cooking oils like olive oil and canola oil. Just sprinkle on a little bit, let the pan heat up for a few minutes, and voila! Your Italian black truffle is ready to start cooking.

Don't worry about the high sodium content of the original Italian black truffle. As long as you're using high-quality ingredients and your oven's ventilation isn't too closed (as for when baking), the salt will retain only a very small amount of its original salt flavor. In fact, if you feel the need to add it to your recipe at all, it's going to be in very tiny amounts. The healthy benefits of this salty treat are well worth the extra effort for many people.

Peppered Black Truffles Like its Italian black truffle salt counterpart, the Italian pimento truffle has a slightly nutty flavor and goes great on pasta dishes or as an ingredient in foods like lasagna. You can also make a delicious espresso-style sandwich with pimento cheese. To make a less elaborate sandwich, roast some spinach with olive oil and herbs. Spread the spinach on a cracker shell and top with the pimento cheese. If desired, drizzle a little more olive oil and the herb/spice mixture just to add that final touch.

Peppered Black Truffles This variety of truffle salt comes from the bark of the black truffle tree. While the tree itself is not at all edible, the bark is rich in its own special flavor. Traditionally, this variety was used to salt meat. When cooked, the salt changed the flavor of the meat immensely. Today, it can be found online or in specialty markets. It pairs wonderfully well with pasta and cheeses.

Sprouted Black Truffles This is the most common form of this famous pastry. It starts life as a seed of tiny black truffles, which are then coated in flour to create a thin, crisp shell. When this coating is dried, the seeds fall out and are ready to be used. They're delicious when made with nuts, cheese, and chocolate or when mixed with sea salt. Sprouted Italian black truffles are widely distributed and can be found at fine restaurants and cafes all over the world.