The Best Paper Cutting Technique For Scrapbooking

When I was asked what the best paper cutting technique for scrapbooking is, I couldn’t actually come up with an answer. There are so many great cutting techniques that you can use for your scrapbooking projects that it is actually difficult to choose just one.

First off you need to collect a good variety of different types of scissors for your kit. You will need big ones for cutting long stretches of paper, small ones for intricate corners and scissors that allow you to cut fancy borders for your layouts. You can also look for the best paper cutting machine for scrapbooking.

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The most valuable tool in my kit is by far my small guillotine. This is a paper cutter that is designed especially for scrapbookers and it is used for all my projects big and small. When you buy a paper cutter, make sure that you buy one with markings on that allow you to measure as you cut.

This will save you oodles of time and allow you to cut your paper and card stock to the exact size you require neatly and precisely. Using this tool allows you to mat a photograph quickly, easily and gives a very professional finish. Another great cutting technique for scrapbooking layouts is using scissors that are scalloped.