The Basics Of Hardscaping in Surrey

Hardscaping is a term used to describe inanimate objects in a garden. These often include pavers, walkways, patios, and even benches, bird baths, and sculptures. By incorporating a hardscape design into your yard, you add not only aesthetic value to your home but also financial value.

Adding pots and statues

One of the main principles applied in graphic design and photography is finding a major element that would draw the audience's eyes. Landscaping and hardscaping are the same since careful planning is needed to keep everything in balance. Adding foliage and blooms to your garden can do a lot however, adding too many plants can make your yard look more like a rainforest instead of a garden.

To avoid this, hardscaping services can add additional elements, as well as texture and contrast to balance everything out. For hardscaping purposes, you can always add sculptures and big rocks to add more style and focal elements.

Keep the walls

If you want to add dimension to your own garden, it would be a good idea to add or retain walls. If you want, you can replace the back part of your garden with additional two short walls and add plants per level. This will allow you to maintain a certain theme, as well as put together the same types of plants in different locations, without having to worry about making your garden look too dull and uniform.

Curved walls, on the other hand, will add somewhat a sense of motion through the addition of a curving wall or a terrace above your garden. Another purpose of retaining the walls in your garden is for hiding your unattractive gray porch or foundation. They can also serve as protection for the delicate flowers you have planted in your garden, from children or pets running around. If you want, you can also raise the surface of your soil, to keep the water from seeping into your home's foundation.