How can doctors learn business management?

PodChatLive is the once a month livestream for the ongoing professional development of Podiatry practitioners and also other clinicians that happen to be involved. It used to be streamed weekly, but the hosts found that it was far too much work to stream weekly, therefore it evolved to monthly. The chat is broadcast live on […]

How to be a Podiatrist in Australia?

A podiatrist is an health professional who specialises in dealing with the feet. They can deal with disorders such as toe infections, ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, claw toes, skin infections and foot trauma. Podiatrists are able to do ingrown nail surgery using a local injection. This technique is a very frequent treatment. They can also […]

PodChatLive and the Taking of Foot X-rays

PodChatLive is a regular Facebook livestream for the continuing professional education and development of Podiatrists and other health professionals which might be interested in the topics they cover. After the Facebook and then is later on uploaded to YouTube so a wider audience can access it. Each livestream has a different person or group of […]