How To Use Your Facebook Chatbot For Free?

A Facebook Messenger Bot has been designed to let you communicate with the bot's users by letting them input questions and receive answers. After choosing the type of interaction that you want your bot to engage in, you can setup the bot to respond to various commands. A chatbot is a program that allows a […]

Using a Facebook Messenger Bot

There are several ways to get your message across using a Facebook Messenger Bot. First, consider the scenario where someone has asked you a question or an inquiry on Facebook. If you have a Messenger Bot enabled, you can send them the answer. Let's say that you wanted to tell someone that they can check […]

Facebook Messenger Bot and Facebook Chatbot Feature

The Facebook Messenger Bot has now launched on iOS and Android, but it is a Chatbot that only works with Facebook and not other chat services. Although many have hoped this would be the end of the problem of not being able to use Messenger on an iPhone or Android, it turns out that it […]

Facebook Messenger Bot Review

Facebook Chatbot is a social media automation tool that can help you earn money on Facebook. Facebook Chatbot gives you the ability to automate your marketing activities online by allowing you to integrate it with Facebook and Twitter accounts. It works as part of the Facebook Marketing Automation application, which is available for free. Facebook […]

How Does a Messenger Bot Work?

A Bot is a program that can perform human tasks automatically. For example, a bot that was designed to be a utility can send you emails for you. A Facebook Chatbot can automate your everyday tasks. Chatbots are available on the Internet, and many of them can do pretty much anything a human can do. […]

Build a Facebook Chatbot to Drive More Sales

Facebook Messenger bots will help your Facebook chatbot to make the most of the social network and the chatbots you are creating will be able to make you money by helping you find out how to make it happen. This article will show you how to build Facebook Chatbot that will bring in money using […]

Facebook Chatbots – Don’t Make These Mistakes

As a very experienced personal, real estate and sales consultant, I have seen Chatbots fail many times. When they did work, though, they are very difficult to turn around in the time you need it to run the script that you are looking for. The first thing to know about Chatbots is that they must […]