Successfully Transfer Seniors To Assisted Living

It can be stressful to realize that your loved one is unable to live alone. It can be difficult to prepare for such a large move. These tips will help you prepare your parents to move to assisted living.

Include your loved ones in the discussion. It is best to have this conversation months in advance of the move. Ask them to provide feedback about the services and amenities they require in their new home. You can take them to tour assisted living and nursing homes. You can also visit to know more about luxury senior living services near you.

Independent Living

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Encouragement and positive reinforcement are good ways to talk with them about the move. While someone with dementia may not be able to make decisions about their care, they will still be grateful to have the option to choose if their favorite chair will move. Seniors want to keep their independence so don't make them do all the decisions.

READ, do your research, and make sure you are choosing the best long-term care option. It is crucial to find the right long-term care facility. Do a thorough background check of the facility you are considering, including independent reviews and citation checks. 

It is equally important to choose a safe place as it is to have loving staff. It is important to ensure that the nursing home or assisted living facility you choose provides the appropriate level of care. A senior placement company can help you research and coordinate your transition to assisted living.