South Asia is the Paradise for Backpackers


Low prices, astounding scenery, numerous elephant and leopard safaris, and vibrant, picturesque culture. This is what makes some South Asian countries the most flocked tourist locations. With a multitude of convenient reasons, places like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, etc have found a special place in the bucket list of backpackers across the world.

Language – English is widely spoken by locals. It is easy to find directions, ask for bread or water from local storekeepers, and order food.

Climate – Climate wise most South Asian countries are not many worlds apart from each other. But each is distinguished by its own combination of weather during different hours of the day. In these tropical countries, rain and extreme humidity are what one finds common.

Beaches – If you love beaches, South Asia is your go-to place for a vacation. Beautiful sandy beaches with hues of pink, white, and pure earth are the symbol of many southern countries in Asia. Beaches have been developed in a manner that tourists can spend more and more time closer to the shore.

Food – Many Asian countries have modified their local recipes in a way that appeals to western tourists as well. Asian foods are spiked with indigenous spices which are sometimes unfamiliar to the taste of natives of the west. This has led to European tourists becoming familiar with many famous dishes like biryani and kebabs.   

Safety – Since tourism as assumed the status of a country, the well-known places Asia has invested particularly in building infrastructure and service sectors to entice more and more tourists around the year. The countries are safe for solo traveling. The locals are friendly and helpful.

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