Simple Bed Bug Elimination Plan

The purpose of this short article is to share a simple, safe and effective treatment Bed Bug elimination plan that really worked for me and will work for you and who you care about that is full of blood-sucking Bed Bug colony. More good news is that it is non-toxic and is also effective against unwanted pests other smaller personal interests or pass onto our bed, like scabies, mites, and ticks.

Since banned, many chemicals are no longer available because they have the potential to kill and injure many more things than just bugs. In their absence, there is a real shortage of effective pesticides to kill Bed Bugs. Using other toxic pesticides, especially discouraged for use on or around a bed or a baby nursery. Use environmentally friendly non-toxic ecobarrier eliminator sprays for active nests and anywhere you believe Bed Bugs are located.

This eco-friendly living deletion bed bug strategy is simple but must be applied diligently to get rid of them. They hide well, they feed sporadically, Bed Bugs travel between the apartment and in the trunk, and they have become more resistant to harmful pesticide standards.

1) Carefully inspect the living area regularly, especially in and around the bed area.
2) Spray the living eco non-toxic enzyme every day for at least three weeks under and around each bed (to break the cycle of reproduction).
3) Use environment-friendly Bed Bug Proof bed encasements.
4) Be anti-Bed Bud ready when traveling.