Shopping for Cool T-Shirts

Cool T-shirts can be very subjective. We all have our own opinions about what makes a shirt trendy or boring. Sometimes the distinction can be subtle. Sometimes a shirt can be both cool and boring. It can also go either way, depending on who you ask. How do you choose the right T-shirt?

1. Wearing something that you don't like is the easiest way to ruin a shirt. Don't wear a gremlin on your tee shirt if you don’t know what it is or don't like the movie. You will feel confident wearing a tee that represents a meaningful image. Confidence adds a cool touch to your shirt. If you are looking for wholesale Augusta sportswear apparel, T Shirts & clothing then visit

2. You can find something unique at any discount shop in China. You want a shirt people will compliment and say "Hey, cool T-shirt dude!" You need to shop a bit harder than your local big-box retailer. It is the easiest and fastest way to find unique and original t-shirts.

3. Think about Your Audience. Where will you wear this T-shirt? Maybe at your child's school or church. You should avoid "Jesus I’m Drunk" T-shirts and similar items. This t-shirt might be considered fun by some, but there are times and places. For those times when you are with people with the same senses of humor, save the offensive T-shirt and wear a cool, but appropriate T-shirt the rest of your time.

4. The shirt should speak for itself. Many t-shirts can be too loud outside so you need to shop carefully to ensure you get the best T-shirts.