Seafood Is The Favorite Of Everyone

Before you go into an outrage, calm down, we were not talking about any food that comes particularly from that place. What we mean is in general. As surprising as it is, there are literally so many humans out there that cannot stand the smell and taste of them. It merely is a preference so try not to get too offended.

Treat it the same way you would treat a vegan person. Except, you know, these seafood hating people are less likely to rant and whine at you about the health benefits and make you seem like you were the most horrible person on earth for eating meat. You can also visit best seafood restaurants near Circular Quay.

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Just because they hate fish does not mean they will not eat pork or chicken. Or basically, anything else out there on the planet. In fact, you could even say that because they refuse to consume creatures of the sea, they are likely the less healthy bunch. A lot of us can attest to this, by the way.

We eat what we want and we less likely have a chance of caring about what other people say. Seafood is still great for most people, the same way vegetables are amazing for the majority of our existence. You know, as long as they will not start preaching to us about it.

It does not matter if all of it is just scripted and an act, that entire thing is hilarious and terrifying if you were in their shoes.