Reasons Why Your Watch Stopped Working

Before making any conclusion about the reason your watch stopped functioning. It is essential to understand the factors that affect the efficiency of your wristwatch.

Sometimes, the device is experiencing problems due to age, which signifies that the lubricants have gone dry, or specific pieces are worn out due to years of usage. For better repair service, you can also be navigated to to find best Seiko service center.

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There are reasons why a prestigious watch stops working:

The Battery

The most frequent reason quartz watches stop functioning is that the battery has died. Some fine watches do not utilize batteries, but when they do, they will last at minimum 2 years. But just like cars or other pieces of the machine, there are few elements that impact the longevity of the battery.

Water Damage

Have you ever thought that one drop of water in the watch will have a profound impact on the operation of the watch? The small parts of the watch's gears will rust after exposure to water, and then will stop functioning within a short time. It is often due to seals in the watch failing, and it could even be due to contact with moisture or dampness.

Poor Manufacturing

If you've ever seen the insides of a high-end watch, then you are aware that there are a lot of tiny components and parts needed to ensure that your watch is functioning. 

Because there are many tiny components, and because we are just humans, there are times when parts may not have been properly set up. 

If this occurs the tiny pieces could get separated or moved around and cause the watch to stop functioning. A quick trip to the manufacturer could be all you need to solve this issue.