Really Save Money By Using Cloth Diapers

When a child is born, buying diapers is one of the most important expenses to consider. An alternative to classic disposable diapers is washable, cloth covers that can be washed in the washing machine and then used several times.

Does it save a lot?

Since the average annual savings from cloth diapers is around €300, we need to make some considerations. First of all, if we have a second child in a few years, it is a total abandonment of the initial purchase price as there will already be a full set of cloth diapers wet bag.

However, in this case, it must be said that cheap diapers do not last very long and after several washes, they tend to deteriorate, especially in areas suitable for sealing, which quickly renders them unusable. If you plan to have more children, you should consider purchasing a slightly higher quality diaper set to ensure reuse.

There are many types of cloth diapers. Folding family diapers are definitely the cheapest. We're talking about flippers, muslins and pre-folds. In all three cases, it is made of cloth for diapers, from cord through the tape, or for folding and placing in a waterproof case.

Choose the right number of diapers

We know that you can't resist all the fantasies the market has to offer! Once you've bought your first diaper, you'll always want another model to match your child's favourite t-shirt. However, one of the keys to saving and buying and using diapers is getting the right number. This allows you to maximize the number of extra washes and eliminates the need to purchase disposable diapers.