Purchase The Perfect Electrical Shower

Unlike mixer showers, an electrical shower runs separately from the hot water system. If equipped with a stabilizer, it will still work during times when the boilers fail and the sinks are only running cold water.

Electrical showers can be purchased from many different sources, from catalogues to plumbing specialty stores. You can also buy the best electric wall showers for your bathroom.

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The only requirements for an electric shower are plumbing to the main water supply and a connection to an electrical circuit. The standard, optimal power ratings for an electrical shower are 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 kW, with higher powered models supporting better spraying and temperature control capabilities.

Depending on the style and features, prices range from £60 to £400. The cheapest models tend to have performance drawbacks such as limited capabilities and a shorter lifespan. Therefore, it is best to start in the mid-priced range when shopping for an electrical shower.

When selecting a model, it’s advisable to look for certain features that can optimize the experience of using an electrical shower. On models with push-button control, the flow and temperature settings can be standardized for each use.

Electrical showers are not the most reliable of shower types due to the possible build-up of lime scale deposits on the heating portion, which can ultimately cause them to fail. Since repairs can be costly, it’s best to choose a shower that comes with an extended warranty.

Upgrading to a higher-powered shower can be even more costly, since it would likely require a whole new set of cables and fuses. An electrical shower is best installed by a professional electrician.