Portable Air Conditioner: Coping With Summer Heat

Now that summer has begun, people are seeking relief from the summer heat. Those who live in apartments and work in offices with central air conditioning can now live and work comfortably even in hot weather, but what about those who don't have that luxury? This is where portable air conditioners and split system air conditioners can come in handy. Also, nowadays many people like to get the best air conditioner for basement casement windows

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First, let's consider a portable air conditioner. This type of device is usually placed on the floor in a room and radiates hot air through ducts through windows while the air in the room is cooled. These devices are relatively inexpensive and do not take up much space. 

They plug into a simple outlet so no electrician is required for installation. In late summer, the device can then be stored in a closet or basement. However, portable air conditioners have some drawbacks. First, the device can be a little noisy. Since the compressor and fan are located in the living room, all the sound produced by the device is emitted into the room. Also, some cheaper devices suck air from the exhaust chamber. 

The device must allow air to flow through the condenser and dissipate this heat to the outside. Some units have separate air supply ducts or use single double-walled ducts that take in supply air and exhaust air out at the same time.

Split air conditioners can be ideal for use in existing structures where central air conditioning cannot be installed. With this type of device, the compressor and condenser are placed outdoors or on the roof.