Popular Types of Metal Roofing Materials

Are you in search of roofing materials that are reliable, cost-effective and, at the same time, do not make your house look dull? If you want a new roof with all these qualities, then metal roofing sheets are probably the ideal choice for you. Roofings can be used for residential, commercial and agricultural goals, as well as in the building industry.

metal roofing sheets

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A metal roof provides the following benefits:

  • Low maintenance costs 
  • Customizable as per the requirements
  • Energy-efficient roof coatings
  • Designed with recycled content
  • Solar reflectance 
  • Has high thermal remittance.

Some of the materials that are popularly used for manufacturing metal roof sheets are:

  • Stainless steel: They are considered particularly suitable to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Galvanized steel – Galvanized steel, wrought iron or steel sheets are coated with zinc. The eco-friendliness of this product has contributed greatly to their overall popularity.
  • Stone-coated steel-stones usually have a coloured ceramic layer, while the roof panel itself has a zinc or aluminium coating.
  • Aluminium sheet – They are often regarded as one of the most wear-resistant sheet metal. Anodized layer on these sheets ensures that they can withstand the wear and tear for a long time.

With a range of architectural metal roofing products comprising of standing seam metal roofing systems, soffit, siding, retrofit roofing and facia, these metal roofs and architectural elements can be customized to meet the demands and requirements of the industry.