Pilates Machines: A Beginner’s Guide

Pilates exercises are something that's been used for centuries in order to help people learn how to maintain their health and well-being. With periodization, it's no small wonder that these machines are making a comeback as newfangled gadgets equip folks with the benefits of this tried-and-True workout routine.

Pilates apparatus come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular types are reformers, rebounders, and apparatuses. Reformers are usually the least expensive and can be used for beginners. Rebounders are larger and more potent, perfect for people who are looking to deepen their Pilates experience.

Apparatuses offer more features and can be more challenging, but can also be more expensive. The reformer is made of metal or plastic and has two parts: the platen and the handlebar. When you lie down on the reformer, your weight presses down on the platen, which encourages deep breathing and a stable posture. The handlebar lets you control the intensity of your workouts.

There are different types of reformers, including single-piece units like Pilates Rehab Premier or Duplicity (pictured), as well as two-piece units like our best-seller, Pilates Reformer Pro. The former offers an option to use your own weights; the latter has built-in weights that you

When it comes to Pilates Machines, many people think that they are only for the more experienced exercisers. However, this isn’t entirely true. Pilates machines can be a great choice for beginner exercisers because they can offer a wealth of benefits that other forms of exercising simply can’t.