Most Of The Teens Today Spend Their Time Sitting Online

Teens growing up today never have to wait for the news. Just a quick Google search to find out what your favorite sports team or celebrity is up to. Most teenagers are very active in a combination of social networking sites.

Outside of social networking, the internet is mainly used as a source of information on various topics. Google search is the dominant figure simply because it is well known and easy to use. You can also visit, a news source for teens to check more articles.

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Young people love being online for reasons. They can easily access information via the Internet to obtain information and grasp knowledge, to maintain and develop supportive relationships, and to shape their identity (through self-expression, learning, and speaking). It also promotes a sense of belonging and self-awareness by staying in touch with friends and participating in different communities.

Technology for teens is fun and allows them to keep in touch with friends and family, which is important. Some teens will do this by spending a lot of time connecting with their friends on social media, or by hanging out with other "gamers" while playing multiplayer online games.

However, it's important to help them balance it with exercise, learning, and other types of playing games, and to make sure they have enough time during the week to have a face-to-face interaction with people.