Marquee Hire – Benefits of Corporate Marquee Hire

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right venue for your corporate event. It is important to determine whether the venue provides good transport links for guests and staff and whether it has the space you need for your event.

The benefits of hiring a corporate marquee from are that it can be expanded to meet your needs and can be placed in any location you choose. Corporate marquees and corporate tent rentals are a great option if you need to host your corporate event, or hospitality evening buffet at a nearby location.

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The Key Benefits of Hiring Marquees to Corporate Events:

Companies that can offer marquee rental services are available to help you if your corporate event needs audio/visual displays, or to be broadcast on national television and the internet. They will need to set up space and find a place to park their satellite transmission vehicles and generator at your corporate marquee site.

Marquees are designed so that you can run cables to power and video from your vehicles within the area of the marquee without having to worry about restrictions or public access. Your cabling can be run under the marquee, away from the exits and entrances.

Marquee hire is a great option for corporate events because you can easily install pre-built exhibition displays or heavy objects like cars and display vehicles. This allows you to save both time and money by allowing you to set up displays on-site, then transport them to your marquee rental site.