Let’s Know About Pork Dishes

Pork dishes, it is simplest to prepare a shish kebab from pork. it doesn't demand long soaking (on the average 2 or3 hours), and meat turns out soft, fat and juicy. 

Fresh pork has light pink color and a fine-grained structure with small layers of almost white fat.

To check the quality of a carcass, press it with a finger. Pork good if the hand remains almost dry, being allocated juice will be transparent, and meat elastic and elastic – after pressing will quickly be leveled. If you love to eat pork meat then you can buy via https://allfrozenfoods.com/fresh-seafood/.

Choosing a piece, ask the seller, from what part of an animal it was cut off. The gentle neck located along ridge, a gammon, cutting and ribs best of all will be suitable for a shish kebab. 

It is better not to feel sorry for fat and at once all to cut off, differently during frying fat will be melted off, will start to burn and will spoil taste of meat. Make slices approximately on 70-80 g and pickle them.

For instance:

  • Take 1 KG pork
  • 1.5 liters of water,
  • cut and add 9 pieces of onions
  • 1 coriander bunch and 5 pepper 
  • salt and leave for the night in the refrigerator. 
  • As marinade it is also possible to use lemon juice (on 1 kg of meat 3 lemons), beer (0,5 liters) or white dry wine (1 glass).