Leaking Foundation Wall – Crack Solutions

Let's say that you observe a crack in your basement walls and you know that it is not a for granted problem. To repair this you use so many temporary methods but still, the water is flowing into your basement. 

There is also another true fact behind this is that about all the solutions you heard will work but just for a shorter time period some time. However, what you want is a repair of foundation cracks walls ( in the French it is also known as ‘RPARATION DE FISSURES DE FONDATION’) that will work all the time, right? 


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Caulk Wall Crack Repair:

One of the most common ways to repair the crack is to seal the gap of the walls with caulk solution. However, this is only considered a superficial fixing method. It is mixed with the white salt mineral powder which is known as efflorescence. This only remains for 6 months.

Hydraulic Cement, Epoxy, And Grout Seals:

Instead of using caulk, it is better to repair the crack with grout, epoxy, or hydraulic cement. The seal is made of rigid, inflexible barriers, and it expands and contracts with the changes in temperature and moisture. The epoxy used only to dry, or clean the surface and is not possible with a crack leaking. 

The Exterior Walls Foundation Crack Sealing:

Another option is to dig extreme refinement at the outer perimeter foundations and apply a waterproof coating on the basement walls from the outside. However, this is a very labor-intensive, costly repair.