Know All About The Go Karting Secrets

How to stop being stuck behind a slower driver and how to overtake any driver

Do you find that you are not getting the results your lap time promised? Do you find it easy to catch up with drivers and stay behind them for too long?  You can get the amazing pedal go-kart online for your kids to enjoy the time.

1) For God’s sake, don’t give up the race because you will always regret it and this problem is not too difficult to solve.

2) Learning to progress is a gradual process, you don’t have to be more aggressive or change your personality.

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You just need to know and practice the secret of overtaking and stopping. Then for all the trophies you win, you can order a nice new wardrobe!

What prevents drivers from overtaking?

Well, it’s very simple… fear takes all your focus. Will face the fear of what will happen? So your brain fires up with a basic survival response and goes into self-preservation mode. Totally normal and logical behavior too! So you choose not to take the risk because jumping into the unknown isn’t worth it and you relax and decide to try again later.

By now most people would assume that using force to overcome fear is a good idea, as is forcing yourself or your driver to be brave…just close your eyes and do it and so on. Well, all of this makes the driver more afraid to drive and will avoid approaching other drivers so as not to be afraid first. It also causes a lot of controversy and bad feelings, which makes karting a pretty boring activity.