Is There A Connection Between Truvada And Bone Injuries?

Gilead, which some will claim, has a monopoly on the market of HIV drugs, dealing with a barrage of lawsuits filed by patients who developed bone loss associated TDF- (due to a decrease in bone mineral density) when more reliable, effective and safe options available.

The Truvada lawyer seeks to provide a strategic, client-based representation to all the people who have gone through the loss of bone density, osteoporosis, osteopenia, and other injuries related to the use of Truvada and other TDF drug made by Gilead Sciences.

If you are suffering with any problem due to Truvada then you can take the help of Truvada Bone Lawsuit & Lawyers for Truvada Kidney Failure.

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Our team will handle all claims TDF bone loss on contingency fee basis, that is, we get a percentage of the cost of completion. Studies show that people who have taken any antiretroviral drugs are in risk of experiencing various side effects such as bone fragility, osteoporosis and renal disease.

The bone problems occur when bone mineral density begins to decrease at a rate faster than would nature. Because of this problem bone degenerating faster than regenerate, compromising the overall strength and bone mass and studies says that there is a high risk of renal failure with kidney diseases among HIV-positive patients with Truvada and other related drugs such as TDF, Atripla, Stribild, Symfi Lo, and Viread.

However, the new version of the drug (TAF) not carrying said threats, at least not in the same degree of renal or bone damage. However, the company, Gilead Sciences, delayed the release of drugs to have its prolonged patent.