Intervention And Role Of Private Detectives

Here are the details regarding the intervention of private detectives in criminal law is possible before a procedure, during or after.

Before the procedure:

In order to provide the name of the person or persons responsible for what he/she is accused of (offense, fraud, theft, spoofing, etc.) The detective will attempt to provide the identity and evidence of this criminal offense in order to allow a complaint to be lodged.

During the procedure:

With a view to advancing an official investigation more quickly and providing full reinforcement to the police force.

After the procedure:

In order to bring new elements to a file, which would have been closed or pronounced in non-place, whose outcome does not suit one of the parties. The goal is to reopen the inquiry and allow it to be revised.

Freedoms and limits of the private detective

When exercising, the detective can act in the open. However, it must not interfere with or interfere with the police investigation. Its role is to identify one or more individuals or to gather new evidence in order to lead to the reopening of a file or it's closing.

It is quite permissible and allowed for lawyers and individuals to use his services in criminal law. If an individual believes that the investigations in a case that concerns him are dragging on or have a breach, or even one or more errors, it is his right to ask for a counter-investigation or against-expertise. Detectives intervene at any time in the judicial proceedings, whether during the preliminary inquiry; during or after the investigation; after a call or a classification without result; in the event of rejection of an appeal in cassation with a view to obtaining a petition for pardon or a review.

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