Innovations in Implanted Medical Devices

Implanted medical devices are becoming more and more commonplace with the help of innovations in technology. In this article, three types of devices that have been innovated in recent years are analyzed – the cardiac pacemaker, the cochlear implant, and the microchip. 

What is an implantable medical device?

Implanted medical devices are any devices that are inserted directly into the body to treat or prevent a disease or condition. They range from small, simple devices as pacemakers and insulin pumps to complex surgery tools like heart valves. You can know more about implantable medical devices research & development from TESco Associates.

Implanted medical devices come in many shapes and sizes, with a wide range of functions. Some common implanted medical devices include: 

-Pacemakers: These small, battery-powered machines help regulate heart rhythms by causing the heart muscle to contract and relax at the right time. 

-Incisional cardiac pacemakers: These pacemakers are smaller and more advanced than typical pacemakers and are used to treat heart rhythm disorders that don’t respond to other treatments. 

-Aortic valve replacement surgery: This surgery is used to replace an aortic valve that has become damaged or replaced due to age or another health problem. 

-Stents: Stents are thin, metal tubes that are inserted into a blood vessel to keep it open. When stents are placed in arteries after an injury, they can help reduce the risk of subsequent heart attacks or stroke.