Information On Professional Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is often the number one choice of preventive maintenance of the city to extend the life of the pavement of the parking lot, roads and highways. For optimal results, the crew should be educated on the importance of the correct application.

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The first aspect and perhaps most important of sealant application is time. During the application, the two components of the sidewalk and sealant react badly to extreme ambient temperatures. The working range for the second medium is between 45 and 65 degrees, making spring and fall the best temperature range for sealing cracks.

Cracked proper preparation is essential. Routing out or cracked before cutting saws ensure the application of a 40 percent greater chance of success. Routing creates a continuous reservoir for sealant and instant prizes sidewalls for best adhesion.

Before installing sealant, cracked or sawed transferred must first be cleaned with a high-pressure blower to remove loose dirt and dust. Cracks ready then have to be filled about three-quarters full and allowed to cool.

While cooling the sealant will shrink in the volume of approximately 14 percent. After cooling cracks and then filled. Some professionals suggest an over-banding technique, in which the sealant is the deployment of about 1/2 inch above the pavement on each side of the gap to provide a more efficient seal of water infiltration.