Industrial Shelving Systems – Choosing the Right One

Pallet Racking Systems are the most common and inexpensive type of storage systems for large warehouses. Pallet racking is designed to store large quantities of materials on pallets or skids while effectively utilizing available vertical space. 

Common types of selective pallet racking include drive-in, drive-through, push-back and pallet flow systems. Roll formed selective racking is popular because shelves can be easily adjusted to heights to accommodate different load types and sizes. You can also buy the best quality industrial shelving in Toronto via

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Roll-out Shelving Systems provide an excellent storage solution for heavy or hard to handle items in tight spaces. When used in an area with an overhead crane or built in gantry, a primary benefit is the ability to access multiple levels of items without a forklift truck. 

Standard sizes are available from several manufacturing but only Proper Storage Systems manufactures models in custom sizes and per shelf load capacities in both manual and pneumatic models. 

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems provide an excellent option for storing and accessing items using a variety of computer controlled systems that automatically place and retrieve items from specific locations. 

Other industrial shelving systems include cantilever racking for long items, material bundles or odd shapes, mobile material transfer systems and heavy duty shelving.

When it comes to improving material handling processes and costs in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers or warehouses, Industrial Shelving Systems play an important role saving space and improving operations. 

It is has been proven time and again that companies with the foresight to invest in the right industrial shelving systems experience a positive return on investment.