Indonesias Best List of Markets for Shopping


When it comes to shopping in Indonesia, you are bound to get some of the best and finest things. For instance; if you wish to buy branded things, then you can always head over to a few malls. Or, you can head over to a few markets to buy unique souvenirs in Indonesia. Here are a few lists of markets to check out while visiting Indonesia.

  1. Pasar Gede Solo – When it comes to Indonesian cultural value, the PasarGede Solo is the place to be. What makes it so unique is the fact that the market comprises three important features; the adornments of the Japanese, the environment of China and the architectural design of the Europeans. Here, you are bound to find tons of grocery items that are of the best quality.
  2. Pasar Cibaduyut – If you love leather shoes regardless of male or female, then the PasarCibaduyut is the place to be. You are bound to see a beautiful array of shoes made for men and women.
  3. Sukawati Art Market – This market is located in Bali where you are bound to see beautifully handmade bags, traditional statues, paintings, silk fabrics etc. Instead of heading over to the modern shopping malls, you are bound to find something interesting inside this market.
  4. Pasar Terapung Lok Baintan – This is a market where everything is sold here are in the water. Also known as the floating market, here you are bound to find tons of souvenirs, grocery items, accessories at affordable prices.

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