Indian Spices And The Delicious Indian Food

Many spices and herbs have found a place in the Indian style of cooking. Tej Patta or cinnamon is widely used in curries and biryanis for aromatic characteristics. Once browned in hot oil, fragrance increases thereby increasing the flavor of the dish as well.

Another important spice commonly used by the Indian restaurant is cumin or jeera. Sometimes the seeds are ground and other times they briefly grilled and then added in the gravy.

It adds a smoky flavor to food and makes it really irresistible! You can browse through if you want to taste the aroma of Indian spices in Indian curries.

Green cardamom or elaichi as famously known, yet it is an indispensable item and it is found in almost every household. They are not only used in cooking food, but are also used extensively in the preparation of dairy desserts and sweet dishes.

Some other spices are mustard seeds, red chili powder, dry red chilli, turmeric or kesar and ginger. So now you know the actual facts about Indian food and health benefits, what are you still waiting for? Plan a family dinner at a vegetarian restaurant and enjoy some delicious healthy food.

As the food here is high on spices, they are also rich in vitamins and minerals that help fight diseases of the body such as cancer, arthritis, depression, etc. Rich Protein is found in food grains used in India as lentils, beans, kidney beans, etc. are very good for the heart.