Important Tips For Handling Vape Device

For Clearomizers double bottom coil, when the liquid is at a low level holes in your atomizer, the spray may not be able to get enough e-liquid. 

Make sure you do not overfill the tube as it will flood your clearomizer. You can also buy caliburn pods from the online sites like

Clean your battery terminal often

If you are an e-juice user, it is advisable to always clean the terminal with a cotton bud to stay clean. In fact, it will add extra benefits if you clean the end of the clearomizer the same way. 

The procedure can be very effective because it enables efficient battery performance.

Store properly

The air holes on the device you give the necessary airflow over the coil to maintain a happy vape temperature. 

They are also very important to make sure your stay wick soaked e-liquid. If you leave his side or down backwards, you may e-liquid travel to these holes and in the end, he will flee.

  • Keep Uptight to avoid flooding of the airspace.

  • Store away from water.

  • Keep away from sunlight

  • Storing in a high temperature range.

  • Keep your e-cig in a case or on a lanyard

Electronic cigarettes should be kept in a box to protect sensitive parts when not in use, while the use of a lanyard keeps safely around the neck and prevents it from getting lost.

Do not screw too tightly

If you screw up a clearomizer very well, it can be damaged. It is suggested that you screw it firmly with your hands and make sure you do not do as well.