Importance of Business Cards and What Business Cards Say About Your Business

Have you ever met someone and exchanged business cards to realize just how awesome their business cards are? As a Marketing Consultant, I found myself in this position several times. I've seen cards you can't read because the writing is too short or the background and foreground are the same color. This forces you to look for the light so you can read the information or you can barely hold the card because the paper is so thin and cheap.

 It's time to realize that your metal business card represents as much of your company's image as your customer service or the services you provide. People fail to understand this and trying to save for cheap business cards will hurt a business in the long run. There is such a thing as business card etiquette, just like any other strategy for marketing.

Paper- Your business card needs to have a good paperweight, whether you choose standard paper or linen paper. I understand that small businesses have smaller budgets but in 2008 a good quality business card is not that expensive. So, those who buy the $3.99 Special online will get exactly what they pay for: nothing. Every well-organized business knows the value of a qualified business card.

Unique decorations- Yes, sometimes the standard backgrounds you get for free work better for your budget, at least you think so. Having the same cards as the others makes you just a bunch more forgettable. Your card should be unique and make you memorable, so if you choose a design, a unique design is essential.

Your décor should represent your company with your logo colors, company theme, etc. Also, note that very complex backgrounds may render the scanning software unable to be used well for importing cards into electronic storage.

Blank Back – You have two sides on a business card, which means you have double the opportunity to advertise yourself and the business, so take advantage of that. One party should have all your contact information and the other should have a picture related to your industry or promotion or anything that would make it more valuable.