Illuminate Your Home In Style With Onion Lights

As the name suggests, the shape of lanterns is similar to the shape of the onion. These lanterns are made of metal and have an onion-shaped glass globe that shields the bulb.

The globe of the lantern protects the bulb of the lantern. Initially, there was no caging of the globe but with time cage also become part of the onion lantern. You can buy bedroom wall lights through onlinelighting.

A cage shields the bulbous globe and protects the globe from breaking. Onion lanterns can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting but best suited for outdoor lighting.

Onion lanterns can be hanged to the wall, mounted to the ceiling, or mounted to the post. This versatility of functionality makes onion lights a perfect choice for the decorative lighting of the home.

For outdoor lighting, these can be installed on the front door, side door, porches, and patios. A pair of onion lights on both sides of the entry gate gives a cozy and warm look to your home.

However, for indoor lighting, they are best suited for stairways, hallways, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. The main purpose of the onion lights is to decorate the home. You can add the element of uniqueness to your rooms with classic metal onion lanterns.

If you do not like the cage around the globe, then you can opt for cage-free onion lights. These are generally used for interior accent lighting.

Cage-free lighting is best suited for rooms and hallways where the chance of breakage is minimal. So, you have the luxury of choosing from the wide range of styles of onion lights and decorating your home in style.