How to Train Your Staff in Basic First Aid

Some people are on every employer's "always wanted" list, and for all the right reasons. They may have excellent social skills, an extremely cool head on their shoulders, or some other inborn trait that makes them highly desirable.

Apart from inborn traits, however, people who are trained in handling emergency situations are always sought out by offices. While some occupations are more accident-prone than others, every workplace needs to have personnel who can handle health-related emergencies.

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First-aid training, thankfully, is a fairly quick process. By spending less than a week in a first-aid training course, candidates will gain knowledge that can save lives, time and again.

Officially, first-aid training certificates stay valid for one to three years. While the initial training is provided in three to four separate sessions, an annual refresher course is enough to keep all the existing training up-to-date. The refresher courses are necessary to renew one's certification as a trained first aid provider, and can also educate candidates about any evolution in first-aid technology over the past year.

First Aid at work certificates are meant for people already holding jobs, and they do not render people eligible for employment in the medical sector without additional qualifications. Clearly, the greatest beneficiaries from such courses are the trainees themselves, and the workplace.

Usually, the workplace will pay for First Aid at Work certification courses. The courses are available for emergency first aid, general first aid, and pediatric first aid, in addition to a refresher course and a half-day workshop teaching the use of an electronic defibrillator.