How to Find a Perfect Auto Body Paint Color Match

To ensure a perfect color match in your spray paint project, there are a few important steps that need to be taken. Although the most common car colors are rarely exactly the same, finding the best color can help prevent adjacent panels from being mixed up. Pick the right color the first time you ask and you'll also save money on colors and consumables.

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Each vehicle has its own color code which can be passed on by auto paint shops, from which mixed formulas can be obtained. The mixing formula measures the individual weights of colored cans and when they are combined and mixed, a suitable color is achieved.

To find your color code, check the door, engine room or trunk of your car and find the appropriate stamp, badge or sticker. Usually the color codes are clearly marked and consist of a combination of letters and numbers. Write down the color code and take it to your paint shop. These are combined to give the exact same color.

It is always advisable to fill out a paint spray test card before painting. Turn on a little paint and pour it into the spray gun. Apply three even coats of paint to the test cards, leaving five minutes flash time between each. After the base color dries to a matte finish, apply two coats of clear coats and let it dry.

When the test card is dry to the touch, hold it next to your car next to the panel to be painted. If the test card matches your existing car paint perfectly, then there's no need to mix the panels on both sides of the repair.