How To Drive A Stick Shift Sports Car

When purchasing a new sports car you may have the option to get a manual transmission in the vehicle, but you should probably know how to drive a stick shift before making this commitment. There are lots of websites and YouTube videos that explain how to drive a stick shift car, but very few explain the process as simply as the video posted by TailHappyTV. When learning how to drive a stick shift car the most important part is getting the zero moving from a stop to about 5 miles per hour. In order to achieve this you need to learn how to apply a small amount of throttle while simultaneously releasing the clutch smoothly. The video from TailHappyTV explains if you release the clutch too quickly the engine will stall and you will have to restart the engine.

You should also keep in mind you can cause excessive wear to the clutch plates if you release the clutch too slow or give the car too much throttle. The video really explains these topics in much deeper detail. If you are considering purchasing a sports car with a manual transmission you should spend a bit of time on the internet and learn all you can about how to drive a stick shift before getting out there and practicing for yourself. After you've tried operating a manual transmission you can decide if this is the life for you or if you should just get an automatic transmission.