How To Clean Window Air Conditioner?

If you are delaying the decision of buying a window air conditioner because you believe it is not easy to clean it, then you are completely wrong. Window air conditioners are arguably the easiest to clean if we talk of electronic appliances. You should buy a window air conditioner after going through reviews of the best window air conditioner consumer reports. You just need to take out the front part of the air conditioner, unplug the cable that connects to the main power supply or stabilizer and then, take the whole unit out. If there are screws used to connect the air conditioner in its compartment, then you need to unscrew those before pulling the air conditioner out.

Once out, take the air conditioner to an open area or your bathroom where you will have to clean it using detergent and water. If you have a pressure hose, then use it to clean the air conditioner in a more efficient way. Leave the unit as it is so that the excess water can be dried and then, you need to install the unit in its compartment followed by connecting the cable and front part. That is how simple it is. Moreover, you can’t break or damage anything during the cleaning process.