How To Clean A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The memory foam mattress adds to the mattress's durability. They make a soft mattress to support your body weight for that essential comfort. It also removes areas of pressure that could potentially cause pain or discomfort. 

Cleaning your precious mattress can also be a chore. Hence the need for a memory foam mattress. Usually, it is not as valuable as your mattress, but it is up to you and eliminates the possible additional cost of buying another topper due to wear and tear.

How exactly do you handle memory foam? One thing is for sure, avoid using a cleaning machine to avoid damage. This can shorten the life of the memory mattress. If you are new for this then it is good for you to hire a professional mattress & drapery cleaning in Dallas.

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The following tips can help clean up:

  • Prepare the surface that you will clean.
  • Start by cleaning your vacuum cleaner with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Start aiming for the smudges on your memory mattress.
  • Get rid of bad odours.
  • Rinse and discard the water to dry quickly.
  • Finish with one final spray.
  • Dry on a clean surface.

Find a clean, flat surface, place your foam mattress on top of it and distribute as needed. With all the necessary tools and cleaners, the vacuum cleaner cleans your mattress with memory foam to remove unnecessary dirt, including dust particles. The circular motion of the vacuum cleaner can help remove all dirt quickly.